You are what you eat

Yes, we have all heard this phrase before, but is it really true?

Did you know that what you put into your body will force your body to do exactly what it is supposed to do? It is all up to you. How does this work?

Let’s take for example, say, a donut (I know, I know….yum right?) Now that you have stopped drooling, let’s look at the facts:

If you eat a donut, the high sugar intake will make you tired, super fun right? Wrong! Especially if you are seeking energy, vitality, are working, driving, and taking care of your children or anything that requires you to be awake!

This is because your pancreas will secrete a high amount of insulin in the blood to break down the high “rush” of sugar you just ingested. It sends out so much insulin that once it has broken down the sugar needed, it still remains in the blood breaking down more sugar than needed. Then your blood sugar actually drops, which is why you get tired.

Your blood sugar will eventually return to normal after a while but your pancreas just worked really hard for you just to break down that donut. Over time your pancreas (just like any other organ) will adjust to this as “normal” but then will become worn out after working so hard so often and then we call this diabetes type 2 or reactive hypoglycemia. So before you reach for that donut or any other sugary processed carbohydrate, think about what you are telling your body to do (see diagram above). So I guess it is somewhat true after all…you feel what you eat!

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