How do I Lose Weight??

We live in a world where so much information is so easily available and coming at us all the time that it is NOT easy deciding what is the best approach to take when wanting to lose the extra fat off of our bodies SAFELY.

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With so many diets out there and approaches for losing fat (aka “losing weight” by some), it’s no wonder why so many people are confused. What is acceptable vs. best? Should I do this or that? With so many options to choose from, such as organic to non-organic, whole foods to GMO, soy or no soy, natural and clean, holistic and homeopathic, “healthy” and not healthy. How do you know what is best for YOU?

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From the Mediterranean & Ketogenic diet, to intermittent fasting & weight watchers to gym workouts, weight training & home exercise videos for that “beach body”, how do you know where to start? In addition, there are so many products & supplements advertised everywhere that how would you know what YOU need, what is safe in general & what is safe for YOU to take? With most Americans taking at least 1-2 prescribed medication(s) these days, how do you know the interactions supplements & medications could have?

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I’m here to tell you I understand and have been there. Not only do I understand, I can help you figure all of this out…for YOU. The best diet, food, workout, exercise plan, supplements, products, and approach you should take are the ones that work for YOU and I can help you figure this out.

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This is what I can and will do for you. We will be partners in your journey from the start and get you the healthy weight loss results you want. Just click on the button below to schedule a 1-1 consultation (in person, skype, zoom, phone) and let’s determine the best plan for you to reach your fat loss goals.