Lifestyle Change Weight Loss Program

$3,500.00 3 months

Type: Lifestyle Change Weight Loss Program
A 3 month commitment is required to start.
Research shows it takes 6-12 weeks for a new habit to develop and become routine. This is why I require a 3 month commitment up front. I am serious about helping you change your lifestyle to fit the healthier version your desire and I personally know it takes at least 3 months for your new lifestyle to settle in. remember, this is a lifestyle change you will be creating for yourself to last a lifetime so these skills and new habits take time to develop. Before we can get started, a signed contract and full payment are required during the consultation. Schedule your Initial Consultation here to get started.

3 month commitment Services:

  • Personalized assigned Health, Wellness & Chronic Disease Education. Topics are related to weight loss, disease prevention & overall wellness & come in the form of reading material, recorded podcasts, webinars, presentations.
  • Written Meal plans & Exercise regimens. Minor changes will occur with both throughout to ensure progress.
  • 16 Personal strength training sessions (4/week). Consistency is key in lean muscle mass growth with strength training
  • 2 hours individual time in person. Check-ins. We will discuss your meal plan, exercise regimen & all topics related to your weight loss journey that could possibly be hindering your progress in order to prevent or address it. *Exception: 2 hours of meal prep education delivered in the first month if needed.
  • 3 calls/text each week to address Questions



About the program:
This lifestyle change coaching program guarantees a weight loss of at least 10 lbs in the first 3 months of the program if ALL advisements are followed. Please note that some might lose more than 10 lbs however a weight loss of at least 10 lbs is guaranteed if all advisements are followed & the absence of a pre-existing health condition that can hinder progress does not exist.
The focus of this program is to implement a Natural Healthy weight loss approach, meaning we work with you to create sustainable meal & exercise regimens customized for you that focus on nutrient dense foods — meal plans that decrease inflammation, contain necessary nutrients your body needs & to your liking. We focus on preserving/growing your lean muscle mass — **exercise regimens that prevent muscle loss to support fat loss and prevent disease. Supplement recommendation as needed and necessary towards prevention of nutrient deficiency risk that can lead to certain preventable disease conditions. Health & wellness education is recommended so you learn how to achieve & maintain your new improved health & prevent imbalances in the body that can lead to chronic disease.


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