Consultation and Coaching

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  • Initial Consultation

    $50.00 1 hour

    Weight Loss Initial Consultation (Initial Consult Required)
    Let’s determine your weight loss goals and how I can help in a 60 minute consultation with you. During this initial consultation, we will review your intake questionnaire(s) and together plan your path to success. Schedule here and let’s get started.

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  • Lifestyle Change Weight Loss Program

    $3,500.00 3 months

    Type: Lifestyle Change Weight Loss Program
    A 3 month commitment is required to start.
    Research shows it takes 6-12 weeks for a new habit to develop and become routine. This is why I require a 3 month commitment up front. I am serious about helping you change your lifestyle to fit the healthier version your desire and I personally know it takes at least 3 months for your new lifestyle to settle in. remember, this is a lifestyle change you will be creating for yourself to last a lifetime so these skills and new habits take time to develop. Before we can get started, a signed contract and full payment are required during the consultation. Schedule your Initial Consultation here to get started.

    3 month commitment Services:

    • Personalized assigned Health, Wellness & Chronic Disease Education. Topics are related to weight loss, disease prevention & overall wellness & come in the form of reading material, recorded podcasts, webinars, presentations.
    • Written Meal plans & Exercise regimens. Minor changes will occur with both throughout to ensure progress.
    • 16 Personal strength training sessions (4/week). Consistency is key in lean muscle mass growth with strength training
    • 2 hours individual time in person. Check-ins. We will discuss your meal plan, exercise regimen & all topics related to your weight loss journey that could possibly be hindering your progress in order to prevent or address it. *Exception: 2 hours of meal prep education delivered in the first month if needed.
    • 3 calls/text each week to address Questions


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