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Sabrina Garcia, Lifestyle Coach for weight loss




I am an advanced practice nurse practicing nursing since 2005. Nursing has nurtured &grown my passion for healing others holistically. I try to keep up with the latest &the future of nursing however with the obesity crisis occurring, I am called to contribute by extending myself as a nurse to help. I enrolled in the Functional Medicine Practitioner Program in 2018 &will receive my Certificate as a Functional Medicine Practitioner in April 2020 in order to contribute to this crisis.




I am a natural bodybuilder competitor. This is my current lifestyle & always will be as long as I can. Sport competitiveness started in my elementary school days through high school. Starting off with cross country & track running until I took women’s bodybuilding in college then further pursuing natural bodybuilding heavily since 2014. It takes a certain mindset to conquer & achieve your fit goals. I am pursuing a CSPS certificate in 2019 to be able to blend my healthcare & sport backgrounds.



With the sports &competitions comes nutrition always. It is almost impossible to be successful with a healthy weight loss or maintenance without considering what we are putting in our bodies on a daily basis. What we consume on a daily basis has a huge impact on weight loss goals. I have conquered not only the day to day hindrances facing a healthy lifestyle but also the psychological work that is necessary for long term success.  Graduate level courses taken in 2018 include Principles of Nutrition Science & Nutrition, Health Disease II: Adulthood from Tufts University in Nutrition Science &Policy for Health Professionals. 


What I offer:

As you can see, I have a passion for & lifelong commitment in mastering & promoting health, wellness, fitness, &clean nutrition. I utilize all the skills, formal and informal education I have to assess my clients, identify their fat loss goals, customize a plan for them, oversee/monitor their progress while they are implementing it &constantly evaluate during their journey. As your lifestyle coach, I will take a natural holistic integrative approach in getting you to reach your weight loss goals customized to fit your lifestyle.




Book your Initial Consultation or *Nurse Health History Consultation (*if currently under physician care for chronic disease medications) with me now so we can plan out the right healthy weight loss plan for you!

In good health,

Sabrina Garcia RN, MSN Ed./CNS aka

RN Master Fitness


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