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We all have something related to our health and/or weight that is keeping us from living the life we want to live and thrive in or in other words, Wellness. Some have physical health related issues, chronic disease(s) weight loss difficulties, digestive issues, diabetes, want to improve their strength or overall health holistically or some other health problem(s) we might not be aware of but know we are not at our best physically. We all want to improve our physical wellness but we’re not sure where to start. This is where I'm excited to help you get started. 


I have a well-rounded background in the medical field as an advanced practice nurse with over 12 years of experience in many areas of nursing that I am very skilled at. I have had my own bouts of health issues that I have improved or cured myself and therefore can offer you consulting.


 I have a well-rounded background in fitness that started over 20 years ago. I actually live this fit lifestyle that I preach about and can help coach you by relating; meaning I “walk the walk” not just “talk the talk”.



I’ve had a commitment to health and nutrition starting in my teen years that has progressed to a competition level where I continue to compete in local natural bodybuilding competitions.




I have a lifelong commitment to master and promote health, wellness, fitness, clean nutrition and therefore will take a natural holistic integrative approach in helping counsel you in the right direction to reach your physical wellness goals.




I encourage you to take advantage of the personalized wellness program I can build just for you that improves physical wellness so all of other areas of your wellness may improve. Feel free to book an initial health consultation and let’s see how we can get you to a better level of wellness that will allow you to take charge and improve your overall health.

In good health,

Sabrina Garcia RN, MSN Ed./CNS aka

RN Master Fitness


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